Introducing our Professors’ Orthopedic Clinic

In Chinese, we used to say that a scholar should ideally cure country, or at least cure our people. Cure a country is beyond our ability, yet solving the ailment of our patients is our lifelong goal. After 50 years of clinical practice in the medical centers, we have treated many patients who had suffered from diseases and disorders of the musculo-skeletal system. Thanks to the rapid progress of modern medicine, many such diseases can be prevented, or even reduced effectively by conservative management. We stress the importance of early diagnosis, preventive as well as the conservative managements for patients with all means and facilities here. As the experienced surgeons, we still consider operation as the last resort. This policy is welcome by patients.

Medical centers, basically are for patients with major problems, but they are difficult to approach owing to massive patient visits, lengthy administrative processes and crowded spaces. The service time offered by doctors are unfortunately limited and somewhat inconvenient. There are also potential risks due to air pollution and infection in the big hospitals during waiting for treatment or consultation.

We have opened this comfortable, friendly and efficient special clinic for 4 years. We have 6 superb doctors, comfortable ambience and advanced medical facilities. And we regard patients as family members. There are 4 senior professor-scale orthopedists

for your consultation. We also invite 2 professors, one senior cardiologist, and the other is senior gynecologist as our medical partners. With this healthcare team, we are capable to care all spectra of muscculo-skeletal disorders and the associated diseases for old and young patients.

Recently, we also introduce Orthopedic regeneration medicine, Pain clinic and Psychologic consultation. By such effort, we hope to help our patients to relieve and/or cure their ailment, and return to work as early as possible, and even avoid surgical intervention.

We welcome you to contact us and visit our clinic.

May God bless you and your family, and lead healthy life.


PQ Chen & Associates